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Blackheads are a combination of oils, sebum and cellular fragments that produce firm to hard plugs within hair follicles. Blackheads are open to the skin’s surface and become darkened at the surface by exposure to oxygen (oxidation). They are called open comedones. When bacteria is added to these blackheads, the condition can lead to acne.

Blackheads are promoted by excessive cellular exfoliation, which quickly clog or block the follicles. Some skin specialists believe individuals with frequent and multiple comedones (blackheads and/or whiteheads) produce sebum that is drier than normal and conducive to forming firm blackheads. Sebum contributes to skin oils and people with dry sebum may have dry skin and this may be especially true in the affected areas and when whiteheads are also present. People with oily skin can also produce dry sebum which promotes blackheads.

This condition is frequently caused by linoleic acid deficiency, resulting in sebum that is dry and firm and tends to develop into plugs.  The sebaceous glands normally produce sebum with linoleic acid, an essential fatty acid. This type of sebum has a more liquid viscosity. It is calming to the skin and does not promote follicular irritation that leads to plugs. When linoleic acid is not available, the sebaceous glands produce sebum with oleic acid. This oleic form of sebum is irritating to the skin and promotes plugs. Oleic sebum is much firmer than linoleic sebum and is prone to producing hard comedones rather than flowing out of the follicle. This causes blackheads and whiteheads and both of these conditions may lead to acne infections.

BiON’s Blackhead/Whitehead Controller (a blackhead treatment product) removes blackheads in about three weeks. It is a very unique blackhead product, made from natural plant extracts (25% of today’s pharmaceutical drugs are still derived directly from plant extracts and another 20% are synthetic copies of plant extracts). The Blackhead/Whitehead Controller contains extracts that reduce excessive cellular production and shrink tissues to keep follicles open. Some of these same extracts are used for the treatment of psoriasis, eczema, dandruff and similar conditions of excessive cellular proliferation. Some of the extracts are able to soften and break down lipids, like the dry sebum that form the comedone plugs or blackheads. Other extracts down-regulate the production of dihydrotestosterone, that stimulates the production of sebum.

As Blackhead/Whitehead Controller softens and dissolves comedones or milia, it is important that the skin does not become dry or dehydrated for long periods of time. This allows the blackheads to harden again and is counter-productive to treatment. People with dry skin should use a moisturizer such as BiON’s Moisture Complex to prevent the skin from becoming dry.

The initial blackhead treatment phase is 2 – 4 weeks and during this time the Blackhead/Whitehead Controller must be used twice daily, following cleansing. Blackheads dissolve in 2 – 3 weeks. Apply a small amount of the Blackhead/Whitehead Controller, immediately following cleansing, with a cleansed finger and do not use cotton or gauze. Rub the Blackhead/Whitehead Controller into the skin lightly to assist penetration into the follicles. After the blackheads have dissolved, the Controller must be used once daily or once every other day, following cleansing, to maintain the blackhead results.

Whiteheads dissolve in 3 – 4 weeks. Whiteheads may develop into blackheads during the third to fourth weeks as the sebum plug is exposed to oxygen. Following the initial treatment phase, the Blackhead/Whitehead Controller must be used once daily or once every other day, following cleansing, to maintain the results. It is important to address treatment of whiteheads as these whiteheads can develop into cystic acne which can be painful and disfiguring.

The Blackhead/Whitehead Controller works very effectively in combination with BiON’s other acne products. The Blackhead/Whitehead Controller should be the first item used following cleansing and then other acne products or skin care products would be applied.

Salicylic acid and benzoyl peroxide (frequently used in blackhead treatments) can be counter-productive to softening and dissolving blackheads as they can dehydrate dry, normal and combination skin. BiON’s Antibacterial Cleanser and Bacteriostat Cleanser do not strip the skin of lipids and do not dehydrate the skin. They effectively cleanse and reduce bacteria to inhibit the development of acne infections. People with excessively oily skin can use Glycolic Cleanser.

Blackheads & Whiteheads

Normal, Combination or Oily Skin

Cleanser (Antibacterial or Bacteriostat) – Apply to damp face, work into lather, rinse off
Blackhead/Whitehead Controller – Apply amply following cleansing, lightly rub in, leave on
Other skin care products – Apply as usual

Cleanser (Antibacterial or Bacteriostat) – Apply to damp face, work into lather, rinse off
Blackhead/Whitehead Controller – Apply amply following cleansing, lightly rub in, leave on
Other skin care products – Apply as usual

Note: When using Blackhead/Whitehead Controller with other products always use Blackhead/Whitehead Controller as the first item after cleansing.

Note: Use Blackhead/Whitehead Controller twice daily until blackheads disappear, in about 2-3 weeks, or until whiteheads disappear, in about 3-4 weeks. Then use once daily to maintain results.

Do NOT let treated skin become dry or blackheads will harden again and not dissolve.

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