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Glen Lockhart, BiON’s Director of Research, and Larry Lockhart, Registered Pharmacist, present an in depth class at the 2010 International Esthetics, Cosmetics and Spa Conference in Las Vegas, Nevada titled “Maximizing Your Acne Success”.  This video of the live presentation will show you how to achieve total control with acne patients in 90% of cases … a higher success than dermatologists achieve.  Build sales volume with treatment products and new patient referrals.  This medically oriented class presents highly effective treatment of acne, rosacea, folliculitis and related inflammatory conditions.  You can easily become the acne expert in your community and bring increased business to your spa or clinic.  Good news travels fast.

Bion Skincare Facial with MTS Roller
Acne Facial
Mature Facial
Exfoliating Peel Facial

Acne Treatment Part 1 – Introduction
Acne Treatment Part 2 – China Study
Acne Treatment Part 3 – Prescription Treatments
Acne Treatment Part 4 – Easy Acne Cure
Acne Treatment Part 5 – BiON Ingredients
Acne Treatment Part 6 – BiON Products
Acne Treatment Part 7 – Treatment Results
Acne Treatment Part 8 – Hormonal Effects
Acne Treatment Part 9 – Essential Fatty Acids
Acne Treatment Part 10 – Acne Promoters
Acne Q&A Part 1
Acne Q&A Part 2
Acne Q&A Part 3

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