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Coral Synthetic Hard Wax

Coral Synthetic Hard Wax

800 gram Bag

Coral film wax top formula by Italwax is a premium level full synthetic wax, free of pine resin and is hypoallergenic for sensitive skin types.  This creamy bright wax is easily applied, doesn’t burn or injure the skin in delicate areas. Hard wax.

  • Low temperature wax
  • Extra flexible, does not brake
  • Appropriate for all hair coarseness
    1. Preheat in microwave/heater to stiff honey consistency.

    2. Apply with wooden spatula.

    3.  Remove application without using strips.

    Italwax hard wax is a new generation of hard waxes.  Due to special components and ingredients, the wax has special properties.  Italwax Hard Wax has a working temperature of 107.6F which is very close to normal body temperature, so it never burns the skin.  This wax does not solidify immediately, so it has a “sauna” effect on the skin.  The pores open and allow the hairs to be removed together with the root easily and without pain.  Italwax sticks to the hair only and not the skin.  After removing the hair along with the root, you can apply hard wax again to the same area, because the skin is not damaged.  Your client will not have skin irritation afterwards.  All Italwax hard waxes have a high amount of elasticity; it follows the bodies contours and removes all the hairs in curved zones.  This wax is applied regardless of the direction of the hair growth and never breaks during the removal process.

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